Care for the Earth, Care for the People and Share Surplus.

The concept of Casa Vale da Lama EcoResort starts with the ethical guidelines of it’s working community, combined with all farm life that surrounds it. It creates learning experiences that inspire low environmental lifestyles focused on simplicity, health and well-being.

Observe and interact, use and value renewable services and resources, produce no waste, catch and store energy are some of the principles that define EcoResort’s choices.

Sustainability starts from construction and materials to hygiene and cleaning products used everyday. It is a passive solar house, which means that room temperature and water heating are regulated by solar energy. It is combined with biomass combustion and / or natural gas, mainly in cold days of insufficient solar radiation.

Temperature in the rooms is controlled by sun exposure through the blinds. It doesn’t have air conditioning.

Electricity is partly generated by photovoltaic panels and as well as provided by public network. Water treatment plant is done through a local septic system. The whole building captures all rainwater to reuse in irrigation.

Songs of birds flying in different directions,
wind blowing through the carob tree canopy that shades the garden by the pool.

In distance, cars and people moving around somewhere out there, not getting even close. A train crosses the landscape flowing with the river. In the background, the ocean…

Relaxing in times of heat or in the coldest days of Winter.

The main lounge has free Wi-Fi and a small library of books on a variety of topics related to sustainability and personal development. Its also a nice relaxing spot for times of heat or in the coldest days of Winter.

There is an outdoor area especially dedicated to leisure. A salt-treated swimming pool to enjoy the sun or read a good book and Sweet Spot Cafe’s esplanade; a space dedicated to natural food where you can feel scents coming from the surrounding herb gardens. It supplies the kitchen and represents an important part of permaculture principles in action.

Children can amuse themselves indoors with simple games or enjoy the freedom of playing outdoors and exploring the farm through various daily activities.