Vale da Lama Farm welcomes those who are looking for inspiration in nature’s simplicity.

In the eastern border of Lagos Municipality where the train line crosses Alvor estuary lies Quinta do Vale da Lama. Placed between Monchique mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the urban areas of Lagos and Portimão, the farm encompasses 43 hectares of great landscape diversity. With an agricultural and pasture history, covered by Rede Natura 2000, National Agricultural Network (RAN) and National Ecological Network (REN), the farm inherited fields of orange, olive, almond and carob trees and some built sites that inspire the growth of an ecosystem of abundance.

This is a space where regeneration and sustainability find their expression in endless possibilities. Based on the principles of Permaculture, you will find various ways of growing food, fruit of working with biodiversity of plants and animals and farm design process that has been creating a more resilient landscape.

We intend to establish and maintain permanent systems that bring abundance to this and future generations.

You can participate in harvesting and processing products that will be stored for Winter or available for sale in our Farm Shop.

You can enjoy organic meals with Mediterranean ingredients from ethical sources, healthy desserts for every taste and refreshing seasonal fruit juices.

Throughout the year there are retreats, events, courses, workshops and craft activities that aim to empower an intergenerational public in building a more independent and abundant future.

All activities offered come from a fruitful synergy between two entities – the IPSS Projecto Novas Descobertas and Agroturismo Vale da Lama – Serviços de Gestão Hoteleira e Turística lda.

Revenues will be reinvested in the project. When choosing our services you are contributing to its development.

Quinta do Vale da Lama – Points of Ecological Interest