Food is the heart of farm life.

A healthy and trustable diet where products can be tracked from garden to plate. It allows direct contact with producers and various organic production systems that regenerate ecosystems in order to make them resilient.

Breakfasts and meals are inspired by Mediterranean diet and served as buffet. Menus change everyday so you can choose what you need the most.


We intend to have a positive ecological, economic and social impact. Meal preparation is based on a fair, solidary economic model which is based on values such as cooperation, trust and proximity between producers and consumers. Manifesting these values its a priority to profit. It aims not only holistic sustainability, but also an educational commitment to visitors and guests.

Food is purchased at a fair price to farmers who: protect natural resources, do not endanger wildlife, do not use pesticides in soil and water, do not destroy biodiversity and do not accelerate climate change.
A conscious and balanced consumption establishes a commitment to the environment. All materials are reusable in a logistics management with no waste.