Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort – Kitchen


The closer we are to the source of our nourishment, the healthier and happier we will be.

Most mornings you’ll find our head chef Bruno in our gardens, scribbling menu notes, picking fresh herbs and discussing the daily harvest with our gardeners. Specialising in vegan and vegetarian dishes, he turns produce from the surrounding farm – along with other ingredients, that are as locally-sourced, seasonal and organic as possible* – into nourishing Mediterranean buffets. Always served with a smile, overlooking beautiful gardens, the presentation makes farm-to-fork more like an art form.

* That which isn’t grown on the surrounding land through regenerative agriculture is purchased from local producers and like-minded suppliers in tune with the Casa’s ethics; purchased at a fair price from farmers and producers who: protect natural resources, do not endanger wildlife, do not use pesticides in soil and water, do not destroy biodiversity and do not accelerate climate change.

Casa Vale da Lama Eco resort – Vegetarian restaurant – The Kitchen

From our fields full of vegetables to our surprising food forest; our traditional olive, almond, carob and orange trees, to our more exotic cultivations such as bananas and ‘superfood’ moringa; our quinta entices guests who are invited to join us in gardening and harvesting, and picking their own herbs for tea infusions and more.

As well as reviving the land and boosting our health as individuals, we strive to benefit the local community. Surplus is shared along with growing tips and cultivating chat. Our (veranda) has become a colourful meeting place for conscious foodies, discerning travellers and local creatives, who share our belief in permaculture principles.

Retreats, group lunches and special events are lovingly catered for throughout the year. July and August are also open to public reservations (booked in advance), with our quarterly, seasonal open days providing the perfect opportunity for local people to sample the delights of regenerative agriculture.


Every Saturdays, July and August from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Just by reservation:
Until 2pm of each Saturday.

If you have questions,
please contact us.


Prices for 2019

Meal > 13 years old – 14€
(vegetarian buffet)
Meal children (6-12 years old) – 7€
Meal children (0-5 years old) – Free
Dessert – 4€


Despertar – Mar. 16th, 2019
Festa do Sol- Jun. 29th, 2019
Recolher – Nov. 23rd, 2019


Live Music with João Faísca – April 20th 2019
Live Music with Malga – May 11th 2019
Flamenco Night – July 27th 2019
August 17th 2019
Live Music with Hugo Barbosa – October 12th, 2019
November 9th 2019
Live Music with “Protons” – November 23rd 2019

For further information or to make a reservation, (advanced booking is essential for our kitchen),
contact us on: (00 351) 282 764 071 or 913 485 568

Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort - Farm Shop
Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort - Farm Shop
Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort - Farm Shop
Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort - Farm Shop
Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort - Farm Shop
Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort - Farm Shop

Our homegrown ingredients are also utilised by Susie for our range of homemade products which are sold in our farm shop.