Healing Retreat - Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort


By Jewel of Yoga

Healing Retreat - Jewel of Yoga

Life is the way it is and no matter how much we protect ourselves from them rainy days, they are bound to come. Low energy, weak health, troubling relationships, injuries, accidents, economic unrest, the loss of youth or the loss of a loved one are only some of the difficulties that we encounter along the way.

We fight all this the best we can but there comes a time when one needs to drop down the anchor and take a week to breath, heal and reassess. To sleep and read and have silent walks. Eat healthy, rest well and have a relaxed look at one’s life with a bit of distance and perspective.

The two daily therapeutic yoga sessions (a combination of mindfulness, breath, restorative and loving kindness meditation techniques) give a realistic but also empowering support to this healing process, providing you with an ample array of tools so that you can take charge of your healing process.

If you need to heal and want to feel cared for in a wholesome, conscious environment, this week is for you.


4 - 10 October


Jewel of Yoga

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