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By Jewel of Yoga

Teacher Traning

The Jewel of Yoga was born with the desire to bring forth an authentic yoga practice, one rooted in awareness, freedom and kindness, independent of fashion or fads, and one useful to deal with the physical, mental or emotional issues that might arise in our lives. We have taught through retreats, workshops, classes and privately to hundreds, probably thousands of people for over 10 years now and young or old, healthy or sick, strong or weak, expert and beginners alike, from all over the world have felt empowered by and fallen in love with yoga again after practicing with us.

If you see yoga as a tool for self-discovery and self-acceptance. If you enjoy your physicality and are willing to work with your body with honor and respect. If you want to investigate the art of meditation in a detailed, warm and undogmatic way. If you want to deeply understand the different building blocks of the yoga practice but have the freedom to arrange them your way, both for you and for your students. If you seek truth but want to feel free and respected in its pursuit.

Then, this is your training.

You are most welcome, Jenny and Igor.


1 - 14 November


Jewel of Yoga

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