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Planting seeds since 1994

A nossa História
Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort – Bed and Breakfast

In 1994, Projecto Novas Descobertas was founded, an NGO that offers summer camp experiences to children from all backgrounds. The farm was later developed in 2001 to harbour the association, and since then, it has been evolving.

From a small permaculture farm to a much larger one, step by step regenerating the 42 hectares in to what it is now.

It was only in 2015 that the Casa opened to outside guests and has since been a great part of the project, working as a key element of Quinta Vale da Lama.


By observing natural patterns we are able to take better care of our land and implement systems that serve us as they serve the land, by regenerating our fragile ecosystem.

Beautiful food forests, gardens and functioning grass lands that employ an array of wonderful creatures like sheep, chickens and donkeys to better our soils are some of the main operations we run throughout the land that is Quinta Vale da Lama.

Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort – Restaurante Vegetariano, A Cozinha
O que produzimos
Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort – Experiências

Growing good produce has more to it than just watering seeds.

At Quinta Vale da Lama we employ some permaculture practices, as well as some traditional techniques, and with a forward thinking spirit of exploring new ideas, we found our own way of sustainably growing herbs & veggies.

We do it all ourselves; making our own fertilisers and compost, taking care of the soil and managing water resources, choosing and picking the best produce and delivering it to you.

A nossa marca

42 hectares is a lot of land and at times we have a surplus of a certain thing. Imagine 300 kilos of tomatoes, it is for sure beyond what a kitchen can use up, and that’s why we started our own processed goods label: preserving tomato sauce and orange juice, fermenting our own lemon balm kombucha and crafting jams.

And we are always experimenting new things, like fermented vegan cheese or coriander “pesto”. We have perfected our recipes and art over many years, selling our products at markets, local shops and at Casa Vale da Lama.

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Still Curious ?
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Our farm’s website is where we put all the information on future courses and activities about sustainability, ecology, permaculture and much more; as well as, all that we’re up to.